Parsley – A Small Harvest.

When my mom and I went to Platt Hill Garden Center the other day, I got a couple herb plants to go along with the ones that I’m trying to grow from seeds.  I got lemon-thyme and curled parsley.  The lemon-thyme will be in another post because…trust me, it’s so heavenly it deserves it’s own entry.  I just wanted to post a couple pictures of my first little parsley harvest 🙂 So exciting!

Pretty little parsley harvest :)

Pretty little parsley harvest 🙂

Tasty, no?  :)

Tasty, no? 🙂

What is parsley good for?  Well, most of us know it primarily as a garnish.  It earned its place as such by having a remarkable ability for freshening breath after a meal.

In cooking, parsley leaves can be used to bring a light, fresh flavor to dishes, as well as a burst of bright green color.  There are some claims that flat leaf parsley has a stronger flavor than curly leaf parsley, but in the long run they taste very similar.  Either can be cooked within a sauce, sprinkled on top of a dish, or interspersed within a salad.   The stems or stalks of parsley can be “recycled” and used to help flavor stocks and soups.

Parsley goes well with pretty much any savory dish.  I’m excited to have it on hand whenever I need it 🙂 You can harvest the younger sprigs for a slightly different flavor or wait until they have grown into larger, curly bunches.  Every few days, trim back the larger stalks and store them so that the tender shoots can continue to grow.  Mine, as you can see from the pictures, are tied in a bundle and stored in a cup of water in the refrigerator.  (Okay, so it’s a shot glass…Either way!)  Parsley is very easy to grow and simply needs to be kept well watered and with a period of shade in the afternoons when the heat of summer may become overwhelming for us all.


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