Thrift Store Finds

So, tonight, Nisha and I went to the Salvation Army thrift store and browsed around. I originally went to go buy some sweaters to unravel for the yarn, but..they were actually really expensive, for thrift store shirts! I found this one really cute striped one that had nice, thick yarn, but…Six bucks? It’d be cheaper to just buy a skein at the store, lol.

I did end up buying a few books. Of course. I’ve been buying books like crazy lately. At the Raven. Online. And now at the thrift store. I got Hatchet by Gary Paulson, which I read in elementary school and have been meaning to re-read, and Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, who I absolutely love. I read her book, The Bean Trees, in high school and that was one of my favorites. I got this cookbook called From the Cook’s Garden…Hardcover, perfect condition. It’s worth at least $20 and I got it for $2! It’s got some really interesting stuff in it. Like Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Bisque or Fried Green Tomatoes in Cornbread-Thyme Crust or Lemon-Basil Brown Rice. I’m excited to try some of them out.

My latest thrift store find!

Anyway..Time for bed. I’ve got heartburn that feels like it’s burning a hole in my throat. Urgh. 😦


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