Favorite Food Meme

I got this from Thinkery.  Thanks!

Favorite food to crunch: Granny smith apples, sugar snap peas, radishes with cheese and crackers, and Cheetos (Yeah, I said it.)
Favorite comfort food: Egg drop soup.  Pierogi.  Waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup.
Favorite picnic lunch: Bratwursts with sauteed onions and ketchup.  Potato salad.  Baked beans.  Ruffled potato chips.  And a big, juicy dill pickle.
Favorite food scene in movie: The cooking scenes from “Ratatouille”.  I just cannot get enough of that movie.
Favorite food lyrics: “Pour some sugar on me”..?  😀
Best food smell memory: Perhaps not the best, but…the first one that came to mind.  Biscuits and gravy.  I went hunting once with my father when I was a kid.  Pheasant hunting.  We ate biscuits and gravy off of styrofoam plates and then we let the dog lick the plates clean when we were done.
Favorite summer snack: Watermelon…bright, sweet, fresh, cool, juicy watermelon.
Food that reminds me of the ocean: Calamari.  Crab.  Scallops.
Favorite winter snack: Chicken soup with peanut butter and crackers.
Most likely to eat for lunch: Something easily transported.  I eat lunch on the go a lot.
Least likely to eat for lunch: Something complicated or involved.  Has to be quick and easy.
Makes me gag: Moldy, spoiled, or rotten food.
Food tradition I love: We don’t really have any outstanding food traditions in my family…But when I have a family of my own I plan on making some.  Fresh bread every Sunday.  Vegetarian meals once or twice a week.  Making popcorn strands out of leftover popcorn, no matter what time of year it is.  Christmas cookies.  Easter…deviled eggs and carrot cake…;)
Food tradition I loathe: Birthday cake.  I don’t like cake, as a rule.  Although some are acceptable.  I would never turn down a good carrot cake, for example.  I much prefer birthday pie, though.
Favorite wild foods: Freshly caught fish that goes straight from my hook, to the filet knife, to the fire.  Raspberries from the side of the bike path, just over the bridge.  Cherries picked from the trees in the mountains of Spain.  Morels that my dad brings home from turkey hunting in Northern Illinois.
Favorite medicinal food: Ginger ale!
Food that reflects my heritage: Pierogi, kizska, stroganoff, chicken kiev, goulash.  Vodka.
Food most like me: Anything that demands constant attention.  Risotto maybe.
Favorite raw food smell: Anything citrusy.  And mushrooms.  And garlic.

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